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General F.A.Q

  • How is the sale and transfer of property in the bank mortgage?
    • The best way to sell a property that is mortgaged by a bank is to mortgage through a bank debt settlement.
  • What are the conditions for reluctance to commit a crime?
    • Reluctance means forcing another intolerant and illegitimate person to do something he does not want to do. In this case, the reluctant will not be punished and often legal punishment will be applied to the reluctant. But the reluctant is still responsible for compensating the injured financially.
  • Can imprisonment be purchased?
    • The purchase of imprisonment is not provided for in the law, but if the conditions for mitigation are met, such as: plaintiff pardon, remorse of the offender, good record of the offender, effective cooperation of the offender in identifying partners or deputies,… the trial judge can reduce the offender Convert to a fine. In this case, the offender will pay a fine instead of imprisonment.
  • Is it a crime to cover or damage a license plate?
    • It is a crime to change, damage or cover the license plate and even use such a car knowing that the license plate is damaged. The penalty is six months to one year in prison under Article 720 of the Penal Code.


Other Questions

  • Is it possible to pay a fine?
    • The court under which the verdict is administered can obtain appropriate security from the accused and install the fine in installments.
  • Is there a tax on the amount that the labor office condemns the employer?
    • Deductions and taxes will be deducted from the amount of the sentence voted by the labor office.